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Baron Ünderbheit


"Say hello to goodbye, Dr. Venture!"
Other Names
Real Name: Werner Ünderbheit IV
1st appearance: Home Insecurity
Voice Artist: T. Ryder Smith
The Revenge Society
Ünderland (Former Ruler)
The Guild of Calamitous Intent (Former)


Baron Werner Ünderbheit IV is the ruler of Ünderland and an arch-villain in his own right. He rules the kingdom with a stern hand and with the help of his faithful right hand man, Manservant.

In college Werner was the roommate of Pete White and friend of Dr. Venture and Mike Sorayama. In Past Tense, Sorayama decided to exact his revenge on Ünderbheit, Venture, and White, as well as Brock Samson, for some indignities they perpetrated on him during college.

During the premier of the third season, it was revealed that a young Monarch had caused some sort of explosion on campus, resulting in the loss of Ünderbheit's jaw. Blaming his lab partner, Rusty, who was supposed to look out for him, Underbheit began his arch-relationship with Dr. Venture.

Sometime after college Werner fully inherited the dictatorship of Ünderland. He would time and again use the resources of his country to plot revenge against his enemies. A trio of his top henchpeople, Girl Hitler, Catclops and Manic 8-Ball were disposed of with tiger bombs once the Baron discovered their supposed treachery.

With the enemies within eliminated, Ünderbheit focused on an enemy without; Dr. Venture. However, the plot to raid the Venture Compound put the Baron at odds with The Monarch and ended in disaster. It was not an entire loss as the henchmen of both groups shared some good times together. Many a friendship was forged that day amongst those not killed off by the Ventures' security robot, G.U.A.R.D.O..

The Baron's next opportunity would not arise until the events of Love-Bheits. The Venture family, on their way back from a costume contest, fly the X-1 right into his grasp. The family is imprisoned, with the exception of Dean, who in his stunning Princess Leia outfit catches the eye of the lovelorn steel-jawed dictator. The wedding is set for the very next morning.

As Dean fails again and again to prove his masculinity, Rusty, Brock and "The Bat" escape from the pantry with the help of underground revolutionaries. Catclops and Girl Hitler, having survived Ünderbheit's assassination attempt, began an uprising against the Baron. The Ventures and the rebels make it to the wedding in time to stop the ceremony and in the process bring down Ünderbheit for trying to marry a young boy. With the Baron gone, Girl Hitler takes the reigns of Ünderland (unconfirmed pending name: Hitlertopia.)

The Baron is left asking the Monarch for a place to stay, a proposition the Monarch apparently denied.

Baron Ünderbheit is seen destitute on the streets of New York outside the HQ of Impossible Industries lamenting his dire straits with Manservent still at his side. He is last seen attempting to join Phantom Limb and Dr. Impossible in the Revenge Society.

In Bright Lights, Dean City, however, Ünderbheit kills Manservant by breaking his neck to prove his loyalty to The Revenge Society, even though they only wanted him to sign a contract.

Ünderbheit joins in the Revenge Society's attack on Gargantua-2 and assisted Zero in emptying the vault of Gargantua's casino. He was forced to abandon Zero during the robbery when asteroids began hitting the station. He presumably evacuated the station with Professor Impossible and the innocent passengers of Gargantua-2, as he was not seen returning to Meteor Majeure with Radical Left and Phantom Limb.

Episode Appearances[edit]

Fun Facts[edit]

  • In both his origin and demeanor, Baron Ünderbheit resembles Dr. Victor Von Doom from Marvel Comics.
  • Additionally, he rules a small, unknown country much like Dr. Doom, who rules the fictional country of Latveria.
  • His name is a pun on "underbite," referring to his prosthetic jaw.
  • In the episode "Home Insecurity," he ordered Clunk to open the door and release a scorpion into Dr. Ventures bedroom.
  • The Baron also resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has an obvious "underbite".