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The Super Gang/Channel 5 Action News Team
Mother and puppies are all doing just fine
1st appearance: Handsome Ransom

In addition to covering news, sports, weather, and sports, the Action 5 News Team also fight crime together in their alter-egos:



  • Captain Sunshine/Co-anchor Chuck Scarsdale
  • Barbie-Q/Co-anchor Barbara Qantas. Apparently from Australia, her superhero identity is apparently a cross between Fire[1] and a Barbie doll. In coloring, she also resembles the character Beautie [2], from Kurt Busiek's Astro City, a life sized mechanical doll, who is basically just a Barbie doll if she was human sized, a robot, super-strong and an A.I., I guess. She may be based off the original Human Torch, who was a flaming android.
  • U.S. Steel/Sam Turgen with sports. A patriotic wrestler.
  • Ghost Robot/Weatherbot 5 - A ghost living inside a robot.
  • Brown Thrasher/Neville Brown with sports - A bird themed hero whose appearance is based on The Falcon and possibly Hawkman.(Name revealed in closed captioning for Handsome Ransom)


  • The Super Gang may be meant as an analog to the super group The Freedom Fighters. With U.S. Steel referencing Uncle Sam, Brown Thrasher referencing Black Condor, Barbie-Q referencing Doll Man and Firebrand and Captain Sunshine referencing The Ray (a light based super hero).

Episode Appearances[edit]