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Every hero needs a villain to foil. The Ventures may not be strictly heroic in their actions but they have garnered the attention of many villains. Villains, their lackeys and devices are listed in the order in which they appeared.



The Monarch[edit]

See the main article: The Monarch

Dr. Girlfriend/Queen Etheria/Lady Au Pair/Dr. Mrs. The Monarch[edit]

See the main article: Dr. Girlfriend

Otaku Senzuri[edit]

See the main article: Otaku Senzuri

Tijuana Lucha Libre Gang[edit]

First appeared in Dia de Los Dangerous these mexican wrestlers tried to stop Brock Samson by attacking en masse. They were defeated so handily that one of the luchadores asked Brock to "take me with you", Brock declined, but gave him his shirt (in a parody of "Mean Joe Greene" from a Coca-Cola commercial). Their leader is as of yet, unnamed.



The chupacabras, or goat-sucker apperently thought Rusty was a goat. Brock quickly dispatches the creature with a quick throw of his trusty knife. The creature looks like it might be related to the Krampus. They're all over Mexico.


Phantom Spaceman[edit]

See the main article about the big, fat jerk!: Phantom Spaceman

Mr. Brisby[edit]

See the main article: Mr. Brisby

Phantom Limb[edit]

See the main article: Phantom Limb

Tiny Eagle[edit]

See the main article: Tiny Eagle

Chairman Wow[edit]

See the main article: Chairman Wow

Unnamed Power Plug Villain[edit]

See the main article: The Power Plug

This villain is more grounded than many of his fellows. Currently, he feels that the actualizing power he gains from his only creative outlet, villainy, is beginning to diminish. Getting beaten by Brock Samson is just not the charge it used to be. In Tag-Sale -- You're it!, he was a background character at the yard sale and a punching bag for Brock. Has an apparent relationship to Mommy Longlegs.

This character has yet to be officially named by the creators of the show.


Rick Danger[edit]

See the main article: Rick Danger

Intangible Fancy[edit]

Unlike many of the background villains appearing in Tag-Sale -- You're it!, the Intangible Fancy had a line: "When the sun sleeps, wolves begin to howl." Was apparently detained by Mr. One after "testing the merchandise." He reappeared in Fallen Arches as an applicant for the Order of the Triad's archvillain. Unfortunately for him, he no longer has genitals. In The Revenge Society, the Council of 13 was trying him for smuggling contraband, with the potential sentence of beheading, when the proceedings were interrupted.


Green Goo Scientist[edit]

Also blessed with a single line this melted green guy with blue lab coat and boots threatened legal action in Tag-Sale -- You're it!.


Bearded Spectre[edit]

Appeared in Tag-Sale -- You're it! as a background character during the Venture yard sale. Known for wearing outdated clothes, though this is apparently not a conscious effort on his part.

Mommy Longlegs[edit]

See the main article: Mommy Longlegs
Appeared as a background character in Tag-Sale -- You're it!, Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny, Every Which Way But Zeus, and Bright Lights, Dean City. Has an apparent relationship to the Power Plug.

Лариса А‘ƒÐ²Ð¾Ñ€Ð¾Ð²Ð°:СšÃÂ¾ÃÂ½ÃÂµÃ‘‡Ãýо всегда проще обратиться к специалистам в той или иной области. Опять же, либо затратить время в начале своей деятельности и самому изучить все технические тонкости сайтостроения, либо постоянно платить потом специалистам. Опять же, чем больше звеньев в цепочке бизнеса, тем больше вероятность, что где-то она может порваться…

Wizard with blonde hair and staff, wearing purple robes[edit]

Appeared as a background character during the Venture yard sale.

Baron Ünderbheit[edit]

See the main article: Baron Ünderbheit


See the main article: Catclops

Girl Hitler[edit]

See the main article: Girl Hitler

Manic 8-Ball[edit]

See the main article: Manic 8-Ball.

The Guild of Calamitous Intent[edit]

See the main article: The Guild of Calamitous Intent


See the main article: G.U.A.R.D.O.

Ghost Pirates[edit]

First shown during Ghosts of the Sargasso. These pirates are not really ghosts nor are they particularly tough. The captain of the ghost pirates went on to begin working for Jonas Venture Junior as the captain of the X-2.

These pirates are feeling rather down trodden

Nat King Cobra[edit]

See the main article: Nat King Cobra

Mentioned during Ice Station -- Impossible! while his Snakemen were fighting with Race Bannon aboard a helicopter.


Though never seen this villain was mentioned in Are You There God? It's Me, Dean. His exploits and equipment are detailed in the Guild of Calamitous Intent handbook. Owns robot cheetahs, which he uses to guard his fortress.

Mike Sorayama[edit]

See the main article: Mike Sorayama

Villains from The Flight of The Monarch[edit]

During the The Trial of The Monarch, while reading from The Flight of The Monarch, Stiv Bators, Lydia Lunch, Monstroso, and Jim Foetus were mentioned. Stiv Bators and Lydia Lunch are punk rock artists. Monstroso is massively huge and can fit around seven people in his lap alone. Jim Foetus is Jim Thirwell, who composed the music for The Venture Brothers, and has recorded under several monikers that include the word "Foetus" ("Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel," "You've Got Foetus On Your Breath," etc.)

King Gorilla[edit]

See the main article: King Gorilla

Big, bad, and gay, KG as he is sometimes called, is in a new jungle. King Gorilla is a massively strong and unrepentant sexual predator. He tried to rape The Mighty Monarch but wasn't turned on by him, even though he had porn.

King gorilla.jpg


See the main article: Mecha-Mouth

A bandaged and goggled villain with a duck bill/bear trap mouth. He first appeared in Return to Spider-Skull Island.

Mecha mouth.jpg


See the main article: Shame Face

First appearing in Return to Spider-Skull Island, Shame face was a supervillain in prison, and part of a "scared straight" program, along with the Monarch. At one point in his criminal career, super heated plasma tanks blew up in his face, scarring him severely and irreparably. Is apparently Italian-American, judging from his accent.


Dr. Septapus[edit]

See the main article: Dr. Septapus

A balding super-villain with grey-streaked black hair and seven arms of flesh and blood, he enjoys wearing sunglasses. Currently deceased, he first appeared in Powerless in the Face of Death. He was fatally shot in the chest (his middle hand having missed the bullet) by Phantom Limb.


Mr. Monday[edit]

See main article Mister Monday

A monocled, smoking villain. He prefers Mondays over all other days and even tries to focus his plans around that particular day. Effeminate and attention-grabbing, Mr. Monday likes to use the expression "Monday-licious". He enjoys giving himself a goofy title when planning a criminal action (e.g. President of Calendars).


Phantom of the Cineplex[edit]

In reality he was Old Man Johnson, who is just a jackass in a rubber mask. He was mentioned in Return to Spider-Skull Island during a tirade by Dr. Venture about Johnson's jackassery.

Tiny Joseph[edit]

See the main article : Tiny Joseph


See the main article: Tigerriffic

Villain who is known for his strength, especially for one incident in which he ripped an eye-witness news van in "twain". Unfortunately, all of his powers come from his suit. His orange hair is similar in style to Wolverine with body hair in stripes. He first appeared in Powerless in the Face of Death and is voiced by Paul Boocock.


White Noise[edit]

See the main article: White Noise

A racist ex-TV repairman who enjoys smoking, this villain appears to be made of TV static. His body transformed into this form when he tried to repair a television while it was plugged into a live socket. He first appeared in Powerless in the Face of Death and is voiced by Brendon Small. He was apparently murdered by the Phantom Limb.

White noise.jpg


See main article Crime-o-dile

Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Nightmare Coat[edit]

A villain whose powers are unknown. He wears a Technicolor Nightmare Coat. He first appeared in Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny where it was revelaed that The Monarch was at one point one of his henchmen. He later appeared at Sergeant Hatred's party.

Sergeant Hatred[edit]

See the main article: Sergeant Hatred

Manta Claus[edit]

Mentioned by Phantom Limb as an associate, Manta Claus is apparently someone he eats with frequently. He may have a grudge against Animus. The Monarch used to like him before he found out the claws were made from Sculpey and he used a little hidden scuba tank. In the Season 4 finale it is mentioned that he had sex with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch as the Monarch watched. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch then made him breakfast the next morning; buttered toast and eggs.


See the main article: Truckules

A cross between Hercules and a tractor-trailer, he uses a golden tractor face and grill as a breastplate. Dr. Girlfriend used to number two for him and from him she learned how to hot wire anything. Despite being a supervillain, he was thoughful enough to register himself as a person with a guest at the Monarch's wedding, knowing that he would take up two seats.



New fire-themed arch-enemy of The Order of the Triad. Apparently Australian in origin judging by his accent. Has numerous fire-based powers, including the ability to teleport objects with fire. Appears to suffer from gastrointestinal difficulties, which may be the cause of his frequent standing.



See the main article: Curse

White-haired, staff-wielding wizard that has a red spider on his black hat. Is a parody of Jafar from Disney's Aladdin. He applied to arch The Order of the Triad but was rejected as too easy. Appears to have lost his lower legs as a result of this brief fight.



Hunted by Jefferson Twilight, Blackulas are not African-American vampires, because there are no African-Americans in England (except for tourists). Thus, the preferred, albeit non-pc term, is Blackulas. Another term would be "vampires exploited due to racist humour". Blackulas are likely a parody of the 1970's blaxploitation film Blacula. Jefferson is also a parody of the Marvel comic character Blade, who is African-American and hunts vampires.


Vain Gloria[edit]

A resident of Malice and a dinner guest at Sgt. Hatred's dinner party in Home Is Where the Hate Is. She mingled with Dr. Girlfriend, playing Hatred's party game of "Guess Whose Name I Have Stuck On My Back." Dr. Girlfriend thinks she dresses like a whore.


She also appears at King Gorilla's party in The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider, and as an applicant for The Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City.

Fancy E Guy[edit]

White haired crowd scene villain who looks kind of like the Amazing Criswell, and has an E monogrammed on his vest . He played with Brock at Sgt. Hatred's dinner party in Home Is Where the Hate Is, appeared at King Gorilla's party in The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider and is among the escapees in Any Which Way But Zeus.


See the main article: Manotaur


A foe of The Super Gang. Barbie-Q mentions he's escaped in Handsome Ransom.

Auntie Matter[edit]

A spinster that shape shifts. Dr. Girlfriend mentions her as one of their neighbors (Return to Malice).

Flying Squid[edit]

"He's pretty self-explanatory," says Dr. Girlfriend to Dr. Venture while they are sitting in the community of Malice (Return to Malice).

Dr. Schumpmaker[edit]

A super scientist who failed to register with the Guild of Calamitous Intent. For all intents and purposes, he is a mad scientist bent on creating a deadly stink bomb. S.P.H.I.N.X. is sent to take him out, and does so handily (Pinstripes & Poltergeists).

Alien Villain[edit]

Has a name that starts with no earthly letter. Appears at King Gorilla's party in The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider, at the end of Any Which Way But Zeus he is greeted by the guy dressed as some sort of grey rodent, and he tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City.


Galacticon appears to be a guy in a suit of armor. Presumably he isn't a robot as he likes to smoke. Ghost Robot goes undercover as Galacticon on a blind date with the cyborg Vendata to get intel on the council of 13. He visits Don Hell's club frequently to prowl for men to sleep with.

Appears at King Gorilla's party in The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider, briefly as an escapee in Any Which Way But Zeus and as an applicant for The Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City.

Crescent Moon Guy[edit]

Unnamed crowd scene villain, with a cape, pointed goatee and mustache, and a crescent moon stamped into his forehead.

Appears at King Gorilla's party in The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider and at the conference in Any Which Way But Zeus

Brick Frog[edit]

Carries a satchel of bricks and dresses in a frog suit (with a design possibly based on the Sanrio character Kerokerokeroppi). Tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City. In its original use, a 'brick frog' is an indentation made in a brick to reduce the weight. The Tick live-action television show also had a villain of the same name; it appears in Capt. Liberty's torch rolodex. Brick Frog is seen dancing at Don Hell's night club in Bot Seeks Bot

Ersatz Apache Chief[edit]

Shouts 'Chuk-luk' and stands on his toes, in a pretty poor imitation of Apache Chief. Tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City.

Fat Chance[edit]

Has the ability to pull objects from a portal in his duodenum, due to a scientific mishap. Successfully tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City.

Fat chance.jpg

Guy with drilling tools for hands[edit]

Appears at King Gorilla's party in The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider, and tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City.

Guy dressed as some sort of grey rodent[edit]

Appears in the Guild advertising film in Fallen Arches as Midnight Star's improperly matched animosity. Meets the Alien Villain at the end of Every Which Way But Zeus. Tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City. He was also in Colonel Gentleman's blowjob hallucination during M.U.T.H.E.R.'s freakout in 1978.

Guy with a T-shaped head[edit]

Tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City.

Omega Ape[edit]

Vaguely simian in appearance. Freed from captivity in Every Which Way But Zeus and tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City. Also, Omega Ape came be seen at the parties in Home Is Where the Hate Is and The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider.

Guy with brown feathered wings[edit]

Tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City.

The Scare Bear[edit]

He's got a knife...super-power. Tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City.

Ladyhawk Johnson and Lyndon Bee[edit]

By day, he's a bee; by night, she's a hawk; and never the twain shall meet, except during an eclipse. A mashup of former US president Lyndon B. Johnson; his wife, Lady Bird Johnson; and the plot of the 1985 movie Ladyhawke. Successfully tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City.

Mr. Polygamy[edit]

Has magic underwear, four arms, and a team of four, consisting of Mrs Polygamy, Mrs. Polygamy, Mrs. Polygamy, and Mrs. Polygamy. Tried out for the Revenge Society in Bright Lights, Dean City. Is a reference to Mormonism, specifically the polygamous practices of early Mormonism as well as the contemporary polygamy of splinter Mormon cults. "Magic Underwear" refers to "Garments:" unappealing, symbolic clothing worn by both mainstream Mormons and their splinter-group counterparts. This parallel is made exceptionally clear by the 19th century hairstyles of Mr. Polygamy's wives which women in fundamentalist Mormon cults still use till this day.

From the files of the Guild[edit]

As of the end of Season Four, the only mention/appearance of these characters has been on the filing cabinets seen in Pomp & Circuitry:

Alan Think, Laser Zeppelin, Human Zoo, Suggesto, Periphero, Notorious Headface, Franklin Mint, Troublemaster, Laser Floyd, The Living Hell

Henchmen and Servitors[edit]


Kikai is Otaku's henchman and appeared alongside his master in The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay. In reward for his service, Otaku cured many ailments of Kikai with a few ninja-powered tosses of some acupuncture needles.

The Henchmen of The Monarch[edit]

The most famous henchmen are Number 21 and 24 who began in The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay. Speedy, who first appeared in Dia de Los Dangerous, was an up and coming henchmen until tangling with Brock Samson.


Li-Li is Roy E. Brisby's long time com-panda. Brisby uses the panda for her milk, which is a natural elixer and one of the rarest beverages in the world and to put him out when he comes aflame from sitting too close to the fireplace. Through circumstances in The Incredible Mr. Brisby Li-Li might now be back with her original owner, David Bowie. Brisby won Li-Li in a trivia contest with Bowie before the great trivia craze of the 1980's, to which Brisby notes "Bowie always was a trend setter".



See the main article: Mandalay

Mandalay is Mr. Brisby's bodyguard in The Incredible Mr. Brisby. A large black man wearing a blue turban and a suit, Mandalay was unwilling to fight Brock over just a job-- once Brock aimed a nailgun at him.


The Baron's Manservant[edit]

See the main article: Manservant


Manservant to Baron Ünderbheit, he also first appeared in Home Insecurity.

Baron Ünderbheit's Henchmen[edit]

These lesser servitors of the Baron are akin to many other of their ilk, disposable. Everyone in Ünderland is required to serve in his Lordship's Infantry from 12 to 37 years old. At 38, they are executed.


The Snakemen of Nat King Cobra[edit]

Another variation on the henchmen theme, these soldiers hiss as they serve Nat King Cobra. Race Bannon fought members of this group during Ice Station -- Impossible!



Watch and Ward performed surveilance for The Guild during The Trial of The Monarch and they employ many field operatives for covert operations. Tiny Eagle is thought to be a Stranger. May be a reference to the David Bowie song "Oh You Pretty Things," specifically the lyrics "All the strangers came today And it looks as though they're here to stay"


Dr. Henry Killinger[edit]

See the main article Dr. Henry Killinger

This villain and his magic murder bag worked with The Monarch in I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills. He wears a black skull mask covering the upper half of his face and has silver skull motif shoes. A cross-parody of Henry Kissinger and Mary Poppins, he tried to institute a number of reforms to streamline The Monarch's operation including adding Blackguards to The Fluttering Horde. His greatest assets are his diplomatic skills, incredible understanding of human nature, and his "magic murder bag," an ironically named item that (à la Mary Poppins) apparently has unlimited capacity and contains whatever Dr. Killinger wants it to. In The Doctor Is Sin he attempted to revitalize Venture Industries and the Venture family itself, but ultimately failed when he requested that Dr. Venture join the Guild of Calamitous Intent. Once his work is done, he departs Mary-Poppins-style via his umbrella.


When Phantom Limb was like any other villain, he had henchmen called Shadowmen. The Monarch served as a Shadowman while moonlighting as The Monarch. 24 served alongside him, wearing The Monarch's number to cover for his moonlighting. 24.



These henchmen were to be Thaddeus Venture's henchmen to command should he have taken Dr. Henry Killinger's offer to become a villain. Their colors stylishly represent Venture Industry's blue and black logo. Also a nod to 80's comic, cartoon, and toy franchise G.I. Joe. They resemble "Cobra Troopers".


The Associates[edit]

The Associates are the hooded henchmen of Monstroso.

Villainous Devices[edit]

Tools of the super criminal, these devices aid the dastradly plans of more than one villain.

The Tiger Bomb[edit]

The Tiger Bomb was used by Baron Ünderbheit in Home Insecurity to punish his disloyal lackeys. Each Tiger Bomb consisted of a full sized white tiger with an explosive device strapped to it's underside. The explosive charge was set off via remote control after the tiger had a chance to attack.


Goliath Serum[edit]

The Goliath Serum was invented by Professor Impossible. It was to be injected in a living creature, and 24 hours later, through some metabolic changes, the living creature would become a bomb and blow up. In the news reel, it is mentioned that an elephant injected with this serum in a Russian circus would be very effective.


Dreaded Candiru[edit]

The Monarch planned to use this nasty little fish, with a penchant for swimming up a man's penis and lodging itself there, using barbs to mantain its position, on Team Venture in Are You There God? It's Me, Dean. While the candiru does exist, there is no proof that one has ever swum up a urethra, and significant evidence to indicate that this would be impossible.


Robots of Mike Soriyama[edit]

The Leslie-bots are robotic representations of Maike Soriyama's college crush that appeared in Past Tense. Soriyama also created numerous robot clones in Past Tense. These devices made it possible for Mike Soriyama to enact his revenge from beyond the grave.


Not villains in the truest sense of the word, these characters have been at odds with the Venture clan or are associated with shady activities.

Molotov Cocktease[edit]

Molotov Cocktease, the love of Brock's life first appeared floating on a bed in Eeney, Meeney, Miney ...Magic!.


The Orange County Liberation Front opposes Mr. Brisby during The Incredible Mr. Brisby. Rank and file members wear orange berets, but commanders wear a helmet shaped and textured like an orange.

Leader Ted and wife Debbie met at an Applebees.

Member Chad was a former pro skater until his local skate park was bulldozed to make room for Brisby Land.


Mr. David Bowie[edit]

See David Bowie

That guy from Depeche Mode[edit]

Mentioned in Tag-Sale -- You're it!, which member of the band is referenced is unknown. Some believe this may have been simply a joke regarding the appearance of Pete White, although this seems unlikely, given that the "guy from Depeche Mode" is specifically referred to as being there with a woman, and Pete White is attending with Billy Quizboy. Additionally, no member of Depeche Mode particularly resembles Pete White in appearance or dress.

Professor Richard Impossible[edit]

Professor Impossible may not be a true villain, but he tried to kill Dr. Venture in Ice Station -- Impossible! because of his outrage at Dr. Venture's inappropriate actions. Impossible is a pompous, though highly successful, super-scientist, whose experiments with cosmic rays led to an accident which caused bizarre mutations in himself and his visitors at the time-- his wife Sally was rendered invisible (or, at least, her skin was; when she becomes upset, her veins, flesh, and other organs are visible through her skin), her mentally handicapped cousin Ned became a massive, heavily calloused monster, and her brother Cody contracted a condition which causes him to burst into flame when exposed to oxygen. Richard himself received the ability to stretch any part of his body to an almost limitless extent. The Impossible family is a twisted reference to the Fantastic Four.

Richard and Sally's relationship deteriorated beginning some time before Ice Station-- Impossible!, due to Richard's cold, distant demeanor, and they were shown as having separated in later episodes. After they met in Twenty Years to Midnight, Sally entered a relationship with Jonas Venture Jr., which continues to the present, after harboring a secret, unrequited love for Rusty Venture for some time.

A disheveled, depressed Richard Impossible is seen in "Pomp & Circuitry," having spent time since the party in terrible condition, being recruited by the Phantom limb, for his help (citing their time together in Dr. Venture's Boy's Brigade) to gain revenge on the Guild, and in the end, forming a new Guild with Phantom LImb, and becoming a super villain.


Guardian of the Sacred Craft-Bin of Olee Janeema[edit]

Seen in The Trial of The Monarch, this stone golem was dispatched by Brock Samson even though he surrendered after being struck in the groin, repeatedly. May or may not actually exist, as his only appearance was the ...questionable testimony of Hank and Dean, putting this being in the same state of semi-fantasy as Mecha-Shiva.



Christmastime's archaic punisher of the naughty, Krampus appeared in A Very Venture Christmas while attempting to take inappropriate liberties with a panicked Dr. Venture. Although this story was revealed to be a dream of Dr. Venture when their plane crashed in Bethlehem, the only-useful-in-this-situation Tiny Joseph was later shown to be very much a real person. It's possible the Christmas party happened and Venture was merely remembering it later, albeit with a more fatal ending than actually happened.

Elder Villains[edit]

These costumed baddies fought the original Team Venture of Jonas Venture Sr., Colonel Gentleman, Action Man, Otto Aquarius, Kano, Major Tom, Dr.Entmann and Ook-ook.

The Velvet Phantom[edit]

Mentioned in Past Tense.

The Invisible Fist[edit]

Mentioned in Past Tense.

The Mesmerist[edit]

Mentioned in Past Tense.

Troublemakers Incorporated[edit]

Mentioned in Past Tense.


Fought in a flash back in the episode Now Museum - Now You Don't!


Fought in a flash back in the episode Now Museum - Now You Don't!