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The Venture Bros. episode
Assassinanny 911
Season 2
Orig. Airdate July 9, 2006
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
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Hate Floats 16 Escape to the House of Mummies Part II


Brock is sent on a mission to find his old mentor, Col. Hunter Gathers. As his temporary replacement Molotov Cocktease keeps the Venture crew in line. But infatuation with the deadly redhead puts Hank and Rusty at odds.


A young Brock walks into the office of a Col. Gathers to report for duty. The Colonel jumps out of his seat, pinning Brock down and asking him who sent him. Brock explains and after Gathers gives him a little speech, he asks Brock if he's ready for anything. Brock replies in the affirmative and Gathers asks him the same thing again and just as Brock is about to answer, he hits him in the knees with a police baton. He throws Brock a jet pack and welcomes him to the O.S.I., an organization that has been protecting this big ass country since the second American revolution, the invisible one! He opens up a door and launches out of the plane they're on.

After the opening credits, present day Brock is getting the boys ready for his absence. Molotov Cocktease is rather disgusted by what she sees and asks why he is being a nanny. She proposes that he go freelance and leave O.S.I., so he can go with her, but says he is needed where he's at. Rusty doubts Molotov's skills but she proves herself when a Womanaconda pops out of a hatch on the X-1 and Molotov makes short work of it. A car shows up and picks Brock up. Molotov turns her attention to the Ventures and tells them that by the time Brock comes back, they won't need him because she's going to turn them into men. In the car, Brock is told about his current mission, which is to find a rogue agent that turns out to be Col. Hunter Gathers, his old mentor. The car is driven into a lake, and Brock makes a rendezvous with a submarine. On the submarine, Brock's having a fancy dinner and Captain Swallow tells him that Gathers is somewhere in Micronesia and that he must get there before Hunter can change his identity. They plan to put Brock in a missile which will drop him off close to the island where they believe Gathers is at.

At the compound, Mol is shooting her machine pistol and telling the Ventures to serpentine as they run around trying to avoid the bullets. After that ordeal, she teaches them "the maimers" demonstrating on H.E.L.P.eR. Dean then punches Hank in the face knocking him down and does a funky victory dance. Mol gets after Hank so he grabs a pencil and stabs Dean in the foot making him pass out. Just then some Indian spirits show up and when Mol calls Brock, Brock tells her to call Dr. Orpheus so he can take care of the problem. At that moment Brock's "Man missile" explodes open, leaving him in free fall. He pulls a cord and his suit inflates and falls into the ocean, bobbing on top of the water. A tail-end propeller turns on and Brock goes to the nearest island. When he gets there a hot local operative is waiting for him. She takes a six pack out of the water and drops her top. At the compound Dr. Orpheus has finished disposing of the Indian spirits and when he wants to stay and chat with Mol, Hank quickly and jealously escorts him out. Rusty starts to hit on Mol but she promptly blows him off.

In the morning Brock calls the Ventures on Hank's communicator watch. He finds out that things are as normal as they can be at the compound. While sitting in the jungle, he remembers how during a steak-out with Gathers, he learned that women and children were exempt from being killed, no matter what. At the compound, the boys are still training to take care of themselves. In the kitchen, Rusty startles Molotov who is putting away some groceries and toilet paper in her luggage. Outside, Triana and Kim show up and ask Dean if they can use the pool, but Dean wigs out and tells them she's trying to kill them. Hank, who has been doing laps, sinks down into the pool and looks through the glass wall that divides the pool and the kitchen. He sees Molotov next to Rusty, and what he thinks is lipstick but is actually blood on Rusty's shirt, and goes crazy with jealousy, but forgets to breathe and passes out. Dean goes down to the bottom and signals to Molotov, who goes out and gives Hank mouth to mouth. Dean tells him the Apaches are back because he has a tee pee in his trunks, and Hank runs around saying his pants are haunted.

In the jungle, Brock is getting ready to start his mission and turns the hot girl he's sleeping with over. She turns limply and has "No more secrets" written on her stomach in red. Brock assumes that she's dead and takes this as a sign that Gathers has turned and takes off. The hottie wakes up and asks what time it is.

At the compound, Molotov is in Brock's room, and notices that he has her eye in a small glass jar next to his bed. She sniffs his pillow and remembers the time Brock was in his mission and they met each other. Hank is in Molotov's room, sniffing her leather boots and as he turns the heel over, a blade comes out and stabs him in the neck, causing him to hallucinate about Molotov. Molotov comes up to him and tells him that his father is a doody head and is standing in the way of them being together. She exposes her breasts to him, which are actually two Hank heads that tell him to kill pop. He grabs a knife and goes stalking about in search of his dad. He goes into the lab where Rusty is looking into a microscope and tells his father he wants to kill him, but Rusty just blows him off. Mol comes in and tells him to stop but it seems like it's too late as Hank starts to hack at his dad.

Meanwhile, Brock goes into the abandoned temple where they believe Gathers is. He finds the room and sees Gathers in an operating table. He's about to bring a knife down on him but the Plastic Surgeon shows up and gives him a message from Gathers, telling Brock that he is tired of the game. Brock doesn't care and tells the doctor he has orders and must follow them, and when he brings the sheet Gathers is covered with off of his body, he sees big beautiful breasts on Gathers. Brock loses it and says the man was like a father to him, so the doctor tells him to think of Gathers as a mother. Brock slaps the doctor around and he cries, and tells Brock "He's your mother" and weeps uncontrollably. Brock remembers the whole, "no women, no children rule" and doesn't go through with the kill. He takes off, but comes back and lifts the sheet again to check the "no-no" area, and says he had to be sure.

After the credits roll, Brock puts a box full of jeans in Mol's trunk and she tries one last time to convince him to go with her. Brock denies her and she takes off. Rusty tells Brock about Hank being grounded because he beat him up with a paper meche sword and peed his pants while sleep walking.

"So I didn't miss much?" asks Brock.

"What's there to miss?" responds Rusty.

[edit] Voice Talent
Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Hunter Gathers
OSI Agent
Additional Voices
Mia Barron Island Girl
Molotov Cocktease
Brendon Small Plastic Surgeon
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Orpheus
Lisa Hammer Triana Orpheus
Nina Hellman Kim
with the mighty Soul-Bot as H.E.L.P.eR.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • The scene in which Hank attacks Rusty and the corresponding scene in which Brock searches for Gathers have parallels with both the movie Apocalypse Now and the Doors song "The End" which is played during the scene in the original Coppolla movie. In the movie, Willard stalks and then attacks Kurtz with a machete in the same way that Hank stalks Rusty and Brock stalks Gathers. As well, Hank paraphrases the dramatic recitation from the final segment of "The End," saying, "Father, I want to kill you" followed by "Molotov, I want to WAUGH COME ON BABY" (Jim Morrison's interpretation of the classic Oedipal conflict).
  • The doctor repeating "He's your mother! He's your father!" in between slaps from Brock is a reference to the climactic scene in Chinatown.