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Lieutenant Anna Baldavich


a face to turn Manstrong gay...
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Careers in Science
Voice Artist: Nina Hellman
Venture Industries


Lt. Anna Baldavich is a woman who seems to have everything. Intelligence, money, a great body and the love of a good, albeit prudish, man. All she lacks is a pretty face. But that has neither deterred nor dampened her sex drive. She was stationed on the space station Gargantua-1, with only Col. Bud Manstrong for company. And while he loved her with a pure and chivalric passion, his lack of action for physical pleasure left her frustrated in more ways than one. This is what led her to enjoy a fling with Brock Samson. Although he did request she keep her helmet on the whole time.

Gargantua-1 later crashed down to Earth. Anna Baldavich, wanting to go out with a bang comes onto Bud and gives him a handjob, at which point he passes out. Anna is killed in the crash and Bud becomes a hero. Lt. Baldavich is given a closed casket burial.

She was an heiress to a substantial fortune. Her father invented the Mr. Mouth game. Possibly having been inspired after the birth of his daughter.

Episode Appearances[edit]