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Adolf Hitler


Hitler being Hitler
Other Names
Real Name: Adolf Hitler
1st appearance: Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel


Adolf Hitler the fascist leader of the Nazi Germany who supposedly died at the end of World War II. However his soul and genetic information somehow ended up being transferred into the body of a bull dog. A group of Nazis lead by a madman named Fritz sought the use of Dr. Venture's cloning lab and threatened Dr. Venture to create a human clone of Hitler using the dog's blood. They left the dog with the Venture Family. Dean quickly became attached to the dog and gave it the name "Giant Boy Detective" (after his favorite fictional boy detective). After an encounter with the dog, Dr. Orpheus realized the dog possessed Hitler's soul. Eventually the Nazi's returned and took Dr. Venture prisoner. Dr. Orpheus teamed up with the rest of Team Venture (Sergeant Hatred, Hank Venture, and a reluctant Dean Venture) made plans to kill Hitler with a special ceremonial dagger. They tried to convince Dean to kill the dog but due to his naive personality and love for the animal he refused. The dog is eventually stabbed to death by Brock Samson as part of a SPHINX operation.

Fun Facts[edit]

Girl Hitler persona is a homage to the Nazi leader (however she lacks most if not all of his evil qualities).