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The Venture Bros. episode
A Very Venture Halloween
Orig. Airdate November 21, 2010
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
Production # S-3
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From the Ladle to the Grave: The Shallow Gravy Story S-3 What Color is Your Cleansuit?


It’s Halloween on the Venture compound and we see three different stories told. Dr. Orpheus is holding a party for magic users, Dr. Venture is betting on his security system stopping trick-or-treaters, and the Venture boys team up with Dermott to egg and check out a haunted house


The episode starts four years ago with the Venture boys trying to make their room into a small haunted house for their father and Brock. It fails. A year passes and they try again with similar results. Another year passes and this time Brock and Dr. Venture walk into the boys room and find them dead from a fallen bookshelf. Doc tells Brock to clean the mess up while he goes to warm up the Slugs. After they leave, both Hank and Dean get up and wonder why the scare didn’t work and what Doc mean by, “the Slugs?” Another year passes and in this last time we see Hank on the computer and his father walks into the room. Hank says they aren’t going for the haunted house room this year. Hank then says that he got an email from his father’s doctor, asking what ‘malignant’ means. Doc, in a panic, asks “what?” and then hears Dean in the bathroom screaming that is burns when he pees and, “Why did I listen to her?!” Doc is now yelling at the door for Dean when Sgt. Hatred runs in saying there is a leak that has caused ceiling damage. Doc is on the verge of full-scale panic when Hank and Dean, now aware of what REALLY scares their father, let him in on the Halloween prank they and Sgt. Hatred pulled on him, much to his great relief.

After the intro, we cut to Dr. Orpheus getting ready for a party he’s hosting. Jefferson Twilight and Al are helping prepare for the party. Meanwhile, Doc and Sargent Hatred are talking about how because of the security system, any kid who makes it to the door should get the King Size Bars. Dermott shows up for the boys dressed as Crow. By this point, after the Shallow Gravy Special, Doc now knows that Dermott is his son. Hank uses a trash bag and sunglasses to look like a California Raisin. Dean is now looking more Goth-like or Emo-like. They leave to go pull pranks on some guy called Old Man Potter, even though they are not to go to Potters’ House. Back at the compound, Dr. O’s party is underway. Basically, on Halloween night, every magic user is to show off some new trick they have learned. The now stitched together Dragoon and Red Mantle will try to pull a Rabbit out of a hat. Elsewhere, Billy and Pete show up and learn from Doc and Hatred that they are having bets to see if kids can reach the front door for the candy and they want a shot of the action. Hank, Dean, and Dermott find Old Man Potters’ house. Dean, still sour about the break-up, heads into the house on a dare just to get some time to himself and get away from Hank and Dermott. Inside the house he gets attacked by some monkey-like creature and is knocked out. Back at the party, The Outrider and Tatyana preform a VERY disturbing trick, and Dr. O leaves to get some air. Al then points out that, since its Halloween, they should raise some zombies. Back outside the old house, Hank and Dermott are watching the stars and chatting, when the zombies of all the clones and henchmen start bursting from the ground, so they run. Inside the house, we see from Deans Point of view the monkey and some old guy talking into a handheld recorder. We then see from the normal view it’s some kind of lab. The old man, Potter, releases Dean and starts to talk to him. Billy, Pete, Doc, and Hatred are then watching one more group of kids and somehow, three of them make it to the door, and Hatred wins the bet. Back at the field, The Master in the guise of Santa and takes out the zombies and then heads to the part to talk to all the magic users, pointing out that Dragoon isn’t one of them, but since he is stitched onto Red Mantel, and he, “Didn’t want to miss the party.” The Master then says how Dr. O is his best student and then leaves. Dean has now learned the truth. He and his brother are only clones and that the old man is called Ben, and that Potter is the field of mass graves. Ben points out how he worked on the clone project with Dr. V Senior, and that Dean and Hank are still the same only that Doc cared so much about his kids, that he cloned them to keep them safe. He also points out how the process will cause some different forms of breakdown in the long run, as mentioned by The Master to Triana. Ben then offers Dean a bottle of beer.

After the credits roll, we find Dean meeting back up with Hank at the main house. Dean, now aware of the truth, doesn’t know how to break the news to his brother.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Chronologically, this episode takes place during the season 5 opener "What Color is Your Cleansuit?". The first Bump commercial break for that episode anounces that the Halloween Special occurred between the break. This explains why when Dean comes home with the Outrider wearing his normal clothing, but then appears with the "new getup" of black soon after. The events of the Palaemon operation would also explain the heavy security measures on the compound during Halloween.
  • Ben's examination begins by noting Dean has no "acromelic frontonasal dysplasia with comorbid idiopathic hirsutism in the orbital region". AFND is an extremely rare congenital disorder characterized dy deformities of the face and limbs; hirsutism in the orbitar region being excessive hair growth around the eyesockets. Presumably a risk of the cloning process; as some symptoms are similar to those of the other Dean from "Perchance to Dean", though don't include kyphosis (hunchback), and other Dean lacks the hair. Translated from jargon, the rest of Ben's examination is that Dean shows the onset of male pattern baldness, which is probably genetic, given Dean's down-like facial hair. He is also free of tumors with fetus like organs, like Jonas Venture Jr (though he would've been diagnosed as a fetus in fetu, or simply a parasitic twin).

[edit] Voice Talent
Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Orpheus
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Sgt. Hatred
Pete White
Doc Hammer Dermott
Billy Quizboy
The Outrider
Red Mantle
Toaster Face
Charles Parnell Jefferson Twilight
Dana Snyder The Alchemist
J.K. Simmons Ben/ Old Man Potter
H. Jon Benjamin The Master

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