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The Venture Bros. episode
A Very Venture Christmas
Season 1
Orig. Airdate December 19, 2004
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
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Return to Spider-Skull Island S-1 Powerless in the Face of Death


A Venture family Christmas party brings so many of their friends together, but the event also calls the attention of The Monarch, his specialized henchman Tiny Joseph, and one of St. Nicholas' demonic sidekicks.


After awaking from a Television Christmas Special-induced nightmare which portrays Brock Samson as The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Pass, Hank Venture as Charlie Brown, and H.E.L.P.eR as a robotic version of Tiny Tim, Dr. Venture puts on a speedsuit and descends to the kitchen where he finds Brock doing some last minute gift shopping for Dean over the telephone. Dean, Brock notes, is proving much more difficult to shop for than Hank, as the only gift Dean wants was last featured in a Sears Wish Book from 1976.

Shortly after his failed attempt to track down Dean's present, Brock finds Hank snooping around in a closet, presumably searching for his Christmas gift. Brock puts a stop to Hanks behavior by enlisting him to help hang christmas lights. As the pair leaves the room, Hank notes that "Baby Jesus is out of the manger!" referring to the Venture Family's Nativity Scene. Brock explains to Hank that keeping in line with Venture tradition, Baby Jesus can't be placed in the manger until midnight on Christmas Eve. As the pair leaves the room, the Joseph in the Nativity Scene breaths a heavy sigh of relief, for he is no ordinary Joseph Nativity-Figurine, he is none other than Tiny Joseph in deep cover.

The scene then cuts to the Monarch's hideout, which is decked out in festive christmas decor. The Monarch begins to explain his "sexy new plan" to eliminate Dr. Venture. Tiny Joseph, explains the Monarch, managed to silp into the Venture Compound undetected and rig their Nativity Scene with high explosives. At the strike of midnight, Dr. Venture will place Baby Jesus in the manger, which will trigger the explosives!

That evening the Monarch watches from his hideout as guests arrive at the Venture Compound to celebrate, unaware of their impending doom. The guest list is quite extensive, including Kano, Otto Aquarius, the Action Man, and Colonel Gentleman from the original Team Venture; Professor Richard Impossible and his wife Sally; Steve Summers and his domestic partner Sasquatch; Pete White; Master Billy Quizboy; Mandalay, a Luchador, Dr. Byron Orpheus; and his daughter Triana. Everyone is having a good time at the party except for Hank and Dean, who are upset that they don't have a good story to tell for Christmas Story Time. Desperate, they turn to one of Dr. Orpheus' books hoping to find a good story. What they find instead is a spell that summons the Krampus, a Germanic Demon that used to ride with Santa Claus, punishing the wicked children as Santa gave the good ones presents.

The Monarch watches in dismay from his hideout as the Krampus crashes the party, threatening to ruin his plans. Dr. Venture pleads with Orpheus to use his magic to banish the Demon. Dr. Orpheus explains that he can't do anything, and that the Krampus wont leave until he has punished the wicked. Before Dr. Venture can say anything else, the Krampus pounces on him and begins to whip him and molest him in all sorts of ways. This, of course, prompts a reaction from Brock.

After a brief but fierce fight between Brock and the Krampus, the Venture's old grandfather clock begins to chime out the hour of midnight. Christmas day has arrived and the Krampus begins to leave. As he's walking out the door, he notices the Nativity scene with its empty manger. The Krampus places Baby Jesus in the manger, setting off the Monarch's explosives.

The apparent disaster is averted when Dr. Venture wakes once again to find himself in the cabin of the X-1. The episode's previous events were apparently all a dream, although the reality isn't great either; they've just crash-landed in Bethlehem.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • The Krampus is not a creature created for the show. The Krampus is a creature from real German folklore, and was featured in many childrens' tales in Germany for centuries.
  • When Pete White hits on Triana, he mentions that he was the first DJ at his college radio station to play "The Bauhaus". This is in reference to the band Bauhaus (there isn't a "the"), known to music critics as the "Fathers of Goth". Pete White's choice to name-drop the band was meant to appeal to Triana's goth tendencies, however, he fails to impress her.

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
The Monarch
Mr. White
Additional Voices
Doc Hammer Dr. Girlfriend
Master Billy Quizboy
Additional Voices
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Orpheus
Lisa Hammer Triana Orpheus
...and iron elf, Soul-Bot as H.E.L.P.eR.