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Henchman 24


"No! I nearly die everyday doing THIS job!"
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
Corky Knightrider
Jet Boy
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch
The Fluttering Horde


With only a GED to his name the lanky #24 had few options but to join the Monarch's henchmen. Using his Ray Romano-esque voice, he directed many of the henchmen's early activities. He'd soon rise to the ranks of being amongst the Monarch's "best" men.

His career as a henchman started at the same time as the Monarch's as he was a shadowman for The Phantom Limb, aiding the Monarch he was promised the position of Monarch's #2. Instead, when he finally joined, he kept his old number from being a shadowman which was #24.

When not actively doing the Monarch's will #21 and #24 spend their free time debating many of the world's pressing issues including the taxonomic classification of Smurfs and the outcome of fist fights between alleged axe murderers and adolescent holocaust victims. On his "Worldwide Arching License" given to him by "#21" his name is Corky Knightrider

24's father is named Doug and he married 24's ex-girlfriend.

The Death of The Venture Bros[edit]

After the Monarch was sent to prison one of his outstanding orders was to kill the Venture Bros. While trying to carry out this deed, #21 and #24 were in the Monarchmobile trying to find ammo for guns. 24 was trying to get 21 off of the steering wheel when 24 "accidentally" fired off what was supposed to be a standard issue dart gun. Needless to say some people also consider him responsible for a death of Dean and Hank Venture. Only later would he and 21 realize the "immortality" of the twins.

24 spent his final moments on earth with his best friend Henchman 21 watching O.S.I. soldiers and their "fellow" henchmen beat the hell out of each other from the safety of the Monarchmobile parked in the flying cocoon. However H.E.L.P.eR., who had earlier been captured and interrogated by The Monarch, hijacked the vehicle. 21 jumped out of the car but 24 buckled up in a parked vehicle and H.E.L.P.eR. drove off, leaving 21 to helplessly yell his disapproval. Unknown to any of them, a bomb was strapped to the unsuspecting robot by The Monarch with the intent of killing Venture, or at least trying. The Monarchmobile arrives shortly after the long fought battle between The Monarch and O.S.I. Brock Samson quits the O.S.I. and intends to "take the fucking car". As Brock approaches the vehicle, it is detonated possibly by the moppets. This sadly (but humorously) kills 24. At Dragon*Con '08 Publick and Hammer admitted they killed 24 because it was too difficult for Publick to do his voice.

24 Returns[edit]

24's new look.
In Return to Malice, it's revealed that Henchman 21 is keeping 24's skull, and that there is something unnatural about it. A hand is seen checking off a box on #21's list of people that may have killed 24, but when 21 enters the room, no one is in the room. Somehow, the skull has moved as well.

Henchman 24 is seen for the first time in his normal form in Pinstripes & Poltergeists. It appears 24 has chosen to haunt 21 (whom he chose over the cocoon because it is constantly being destroyed). 24 claims he cannot move objects, but he assists 21 by scouting areas of weapons and warning him of dangerous situations. In Operation: P.R.O.M. it is revealed that 24's ghost is merely a figment of 21's imagination after Byron Orpheus reveals that he could not see him, this causes 21 to break down in tears while finally coming to terms with 24's demise.

In The Devil's Grip it is finally revealed that 24's murderers were the sadistic dwarfs known as The Pupae Twins

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