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Country of Ünderland


The wasteland that is Ünderland
1st appearance: Home Insecurity


The sovereign realm of Ünderland is run by Baron Ünderbheit with an iron fist. Ünderland is smaller than Delaware, borders Michigan and is rife with volcanic activity.

Army of Ünderland[edit]

Citizens are required to serve as henchmen to the Baron from age 4 until age 37 in the infantry. When they reach 38 years old they are officially executed. There are no prisons or holding cells in Ünderland because Ünderbheit has enacted the death penalty for all transgressions of ünderlaw.


Little is known about the laws of Ünderland, other than that the death penalty has been enacted for all all transgressions of ünderlaw. However it is known that same-sex marriages are a violation of ünderlaw.

Overthrow of Ünderbheit[edit]

Due to the same-sex marriage of Dean & Baron Ünderbheit (who was under the impression that Dean was Dr. Venture's daughter) the Ünderground seized control of Ünderland. They created a democratic government and elected Girl Hitler as their leader. In order to soften the image of Ünderland, they decided to banish Baron Ünderbheit rather than execute him.

Citizens of Ünderland[edit]