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The Venture Bros. episode
¡Viva los Muertos!
Season 2
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Orig. Airdate October 1, 2006
Writer(s) Ben Edlund
Director Jackson Publick
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I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills 24 Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 1)


After a failed Horde raid ends in Brock leaving some extra bodies lying around, Rusty takes advantage of the situation by creating one of his most horrific experiments yet, Venturestein! Brock, feeling guilty for the killing, goes to see Dr. Orpheus who helps him through a voyage of self-discovery. Meanwhile, the Venture compound is being investigated by The Groovy Gang, a group of teens sleuths who make the Manson family look functional. Ruh-oh!


The Fluttering Horde is about to raid the Venture compound. 21 encourages "Texas", a new henchman, but 24 shows up and says he probably won't even last a month. The Monarch makes his pre-battle speech and 21 and 24 take out some smokes while The Monarch encourages his henchmen to coil up so they can strike like the deadly sky flowers they are. The Monarch releases his cloud of deception and the henchmen are off into the X-1 hangar, but many henchmen immediately run out and "Texas" quickly finds out why. Brock has already beat many henchmen stupid and/or put them out of their misery. He is finishing off a henchman with a lawnmower when he looks at "Texas" and runs at him. The henchman feebly tries to run away, but the Swedish murder machine is on him like an afghan rug and quickly snaps his neck like a twig in a shit storm. And thus ends the 1st life of this unfortunate henchman.

Later in the Venture lab, Rusty is playing Dr. Frankenstein with Texas' corpse. Rusty asks for more power and a loud electrical current is heard, and then some eyes open and Rusty claims victory. The former henchman sees his Franken-self in a mirror and in his anger tries to choke Rusty. Brock is luckily close by and hits the re-animated corpse in the head with a fire extinguisher, killing him a second time. Another jolt of electricity and the unfortunate henchman wakes up a second time. Rusty forgives him for the chocking tantrum, chalking it up to the surprise resurrection, adrenaline enema, and his basic criminal nature. The boys notice that the top of his head is now "African American" and Rusty explains that it's because Brock busted up his skull with the fire extinguisher.

Outside, The Groovy Gang drives up to the Venture compound. When Patty asks Ted when they are getting to her parent's house, Ted asks her if she wants to go back in her box. Patty just says that they've been driving to her parent's house for the last 10 years. Val gets off the van to open up the back, where Sonny is flipping out because Groovy won't talk to anyone but him. Ted asks him to come out and when Sonny refuses, Ted promises him some "Groovy treats" and Sonny immediately jumps and trips out of the van. They then head towards the Venture compound. In the kitchen back in the compound, Rusty has just named his project Venturestein. He informs the boys that he now needs to make Venturestein into a contributing member of society. Venturestein keeps looking at Brock, and when Brock snaps at him, Venturestein starts to cry. The boys explain to Brock that Venturestein thinks "Brock baaaaadddd" which Venturestein immediately imitates. At that moment Dr. Orpheus comes in to inform Rusty about a little get together he will be hosting in his apartment. He notices Venturestein and accuses Rusty of cutting decency to the quick and leaving her to die in prostitute alley. Venturestein yells "postitoo" and was obviously very fond of them in his previous living life. Then Orpheus invites Brock to the get together and when Brock refuses, Orpheus calls him a grim reaper and disappears in a cloud of purple smoke, leaving Brock in a pensive state. Venturestein goes back to declaring that "Brock bad" and Brock walks out.

Meanwhile The Groovy Gang is walking around somewhere in the compound. Val complains about men being walking abortions while Patty wishes Ted would let her take a shower. They peek around a corner and see Orpheus walking into his apartment; Ted then declares that he believes they have stumbled upon a Dracula factory. In the boys' room, Hank and Dean are discussing the location of Africa-America and give up looking, instead talking about how Venturestein is being socialized in one of their beds. They look out the window and notice someone in the manufacturing wing and head out to investigate. Rusty is in the kitchen taking orders for Venturesteins, but Venturestein has different ideas as he busts out of the bed, in search of prostitutes. Brock is out in the hangar, trying to throw knives at a board but completely missing, hitting his radio instead. Obviously distraught, he finds himself standing at Dr. Orpheus' door, declaring himself a tapestry of quiet desperation. Orpheus invites him in and starts the "gathering" introducing a shaman by the name of Don Rio Impossible Isabanco. Brock is talking to The Alchemist when Rusty calls him on his communicator watch and asks for lots and lots of dead people. Brock refuses and the old shaman laughs at him crazily.

In the halls of the Venture compound, Groovy is telling Sonny he needs to "punish the hair." The boys see them and yell "hippies!" and Sonny and Groovy run away while the boys give chase. At "the gathering" Dr. Orpheus passes around some dixie cups with Death Vine extract and after wondering if the party wasn't some sort of Jonestown deal Brock shrugs it off and drinks the stuff anyway. Meanwhile, Sonny and Groovy run into the rest of the gang and Sonny tells them about the boys and explains that they are the same boys he and Groovy killed in Baja a couple of years before. He then declares that the boys have to be ghosts because he KILLED them! The boys catch up to them and Ted sees them. When he pulls out his gun to find out if the boys are ghosts or not, the boys "super run away!"

In Dr. Orpheus' quarters, Brock is explaining the thinking behind him killing the henchman now known as Venturestein. The shaman then regales them with an anecdote about him screwing a fish in the amazon river. Brock calls the shaman an idiot and gets up, but just as he's about to leave he feels kind of woozy and then everyone starts to vomit. Brock calls the shaman a keebler and passes out. He finds himself in a pink ocean and a dolphin comes up from underneath him, taking him for a ride. The dolphin gives him some mumbo-jumbo about oneness and is harpooned by the bellybutton of a naked woman who turns out to be Hunter Gathers. Hunter lectures him on why he is beyond good and evil, because he works for the government! Brock wakes up yelling "don't hunt!", and he runs out of the room.

The boys meanwhile, have worked their way into a lab of some sort. The Groovy gang is in hot pursuit and when they catch up to them the boys back up against a control panel and turn on some lights. Now everyone can see that there are clone slugs in canisters all around them. The boys freak out and just then Venturestein shows up yelling for prostitutes! Ted shoots around wildly, breaks one of the canisters containing a clone slug which falls to the floor, and Venturesten steps on the clone slug and slips and slides around the floor. He grabs Groovy by the neck as he slides around the floor. Ted stops as he sees Brock appear and as he's about to shoot him, Brock grabs his gun hand and makes Ted shoot Sonny and then head butts him so hard he probably crushes his brain in the process. Rusty comes in looking for Venturestein and Brock tells him that the boys are probably in some sort of saw-your-own-clone coma. Rusty then scolds the boys and covers up by saying that the boys found their Christmas gifts and that he's now going to have to come up with something even better for them. The boys take off while calling Rusty the best dad ever. Then Rusty counts the bodies, only two, but then he sees the life support plug for the clones slugs, but Brock comes from behind him and gives him the look, and Rusty promptly abandons the idea!

After the credits roll, Brock is riding in his Charger with Venturestein, apparently to have a good time with some Postitoos!

Fun Facts[edit]

Each member of the Groovy Gang is a pastiche of a real-life controversial person and a character from Scooby Doo:

Ted is a pastiche of serial killer Ted Bundy and Fred.

Patty is a pastiche of newspaper heiress and kidnapping victim Patty Hearst and Daphne.

Val is a pastiche of radical feminist Valerie Solanas (best known for her attempted murder of Andy Warhol) and Velma.

Sonny is a pastiche of David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam killer (who supposedly took his orders from a demonically possessed dog named Harvey) and Shaggy.

Groovy is a pastiche of Harvey (the Son of Sam dog) and Scooby Doo.


Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Ted & Groovy
Col. Hunter Gathers
The Monarch
Henchman 24
Additional Voices
Paul Boocock Sonny
Little Jorge
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Orpheus
Some Dolphin
Charles Parnell Jefferson Twilight
Dana Snyder The Alchemist
Doc Hammer Henchman 21
Joanna Adler Val

Sue Gilad Patty